In this guide, I will be talking all about currency option, and you will get some insight about it. A currency option is basically known as a forex option, and it is a contract that gives you or the buyer the right, but not exactly the obligation to purchase or sell a particular currency at an agreed-upon exchange rate on a specific day. It is very simple, indeed. For this particular right, a premium is actually paid by the seller.

Did you know that currency options happen to be one of the most common ways for Financial institutions, corporations and individuals to hedge against the adverse movements when it comes to exchange rates? As you know, the exchange rates keep fluctuating every single day.

For example, the USD was valued at 73 Indian rupees yesterday. Today it is valued at 74.5 Indian rupees. It keeps fluctuating all the time.


Currency options are very important, because it gives the investors all the rights, but not exactly the obligation to purchase or sell any given currency at a pre-specified exchange rate, before the option ends of expiring. Currency options also do a fantastic job when it comes to allowing the traders to hedge the currency risk or also to speculate on how the currency moves. They have to speculate the movement of a particular currency, because it keeps fluctuating all the time, as I have mentioned above. The currency options actually come in two main varieties, and they are called vanilla options and over-the-counter SPOT options.

Here is some more information about the basis of currency options.

The investors can do a good job when they want to hedge against any foreign currency risks by purchasing a currency put or call. The currency options are derivatives which are completely based on the underlying currency pairs, which I have mentioned above. The trading currency options happen to involve a huge variety of strategies which are available for use in the foreign exchange markets. A strategy that a trader would employ would completely depend on the kind of option which they end up choosing and also the broker or platform through which it is being offered. Most of the characteristics of the options in a decentralised forex market would completely vary a lot and also in a much more expansive manner, than the options in a centralised exchange of stock in the market.


Traders in the forex market very much like to make use of currency options trading for a lot of reasons. They happen to have a limit to the downside risk, and they may even lose the premium which they paid to purchase the options. But, you need to know that they have unlimited upside potential, which is an advantage.