At Pricing Power we are known for Pioneering Ideas, Radical Insights and Entrepreneurial Solutions.

Warren Buffett – possible the worlds greatest investor is quoted as saying to a Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission “If you’ve got the power to raise prices without losing business to a competitor, you’ve got a very good business. And if you have to have a prayer session before raising the price by 10 percent, then you’ve got a terrible business.

Do you have a business that has Pricing Power?

At Pricing Power  we are about helping business owners create businesses that are delivering phenomenal profits and fantastic freedom. We help business owners :-

Create More Value,

Measure What Matters

Capture More Value 

At Pricing Power we help business through 5 Stages to create Premium Business. These 5 stages are :-

        1. Value   –  understand what is truly valuable to the customer, create the experience and communicate the value.
        2. Process  – unlock the real assets in your business, take your services or products and create unique processes.
        3. Pricing   – implement innovative pricing strategies to achieve a premium position
        4. Numbers – measure what really matters to drive your business
        5. Authority – to complete the loop the business needs to become the go-to business in your chosen market.

These 5 aspects result in a business that Warren Buffet would be proud to be an investor in.

The Founder of the business is Steve Major.  Steve MajorSteve is best known for his pioneering ideas, thoughtful originality and cutting edge strategies.

This has been my passion from the childhood of business ownership. My father owned and built numerous small businesses.  This background led me to University where I did a few degrees (Bachelor of Commerce, Graduate Diploma of Advanced Accounting, Masters of Law).

From there I went on to become qualified as a Chartered Accountant and in 1996 opened by own accounting practice.  We built this practice into a great businesses helping small and medium businesses with their accounting and business needs.  I sold the business to focus purely on helping businesses get paid what they are worth.

That journey has brought me to here where we have a create a site dedicated to providing great information and the tools, tips and techniques to create businesses that are realising pricing power with their owners having choices.