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Ideas, insights and strategies to build your pricing power.


For a business to have Pricing Power (that is the ability to set it's own prices) it has to unlock the real value within.

Given the information at our fingertips (usually on our phones) there is more and more pressure on business to offer great value. But it is not done by trying to be all things to all people.

It is imperative to refine and redesign your business model, to connect with what is of real value to your chosen customers. Create your unique process of delivering value and you will be able to get paid for the value you create.

Armed with a refined business model and your own unique process of delivering value it is imperative to communicate your value to your customers. Communication is not just some glitzy marketing. But rather how are you demonstrating the value you deliver?

But it does not end with this though. Businesses of today must amplify their message to become the go-to firm.

The key is to unlock the real value in your business rather than be just like every other business. More money and freedom is found through understanding value.

The single most important decision in evaluating a business is pricing power.
Warren Buffett

Pricing Power Program

The Pricing Power Program is designed to transform your business and unlock the real value within through Pioneering Ideas, Radical Insights & Entrepreneurial Solutions. The program is focused on optimising your business model, building a premium business and enhancing your pricing power. Through creating more value, measuring what matters and capturing more value you can have business delivering high growth, more profits and importantly freedom.

The program is designed to transform your business and give you freedom in your life. The program will give you concrete action steps, tools, techniques and a clear path for each 90 days to take your business on the journey to achieve Premium Profitability, Premium Positioning and Premium Value.

The core of the program starts with a 2 day intensive session to fast track the transformation of the business. After the 2 day event there are then quarterly workshops with a great group of likeminded entrepreneurs. At these quarterly workshops you will dive deep within the issues of your business and get lots of insights and ideas. At these workshops we will also be going through detailed strategies and techniques to create, measure and capture value.

In addition there are monthly webinars, coaching calls and online resources and tools that will ensure that you have all the assistance and tools on this journey. Also importantly you will be enjoying this experience with other like minded entrepreneurs - people who are successful business owners constantly learning and growing, developing new ideas and creating better businesses.

Ideas, insights and strategies to build your pricing power.


Steve Major

Pricing Power is dedicated to helping business owners through a tailored process create businesses that deliver phenomenal profits and fantastic freedom. We are known for Pioneering Ideas, Radical Insights and Entrepreneurial Solutions. Since 1996 Steve Major has worked with businesses around the world to help them unlock the value within by building their pricing power, optimising their business model and pricing for profit. At Pricing Power we work with a businesses from all industries however we do have extensive experience with the knowledge industries which include professional service firms, financial planning, consulting businesses, advertising and marketing agencies, creative industries, IT, web and other businesses selling ideas and expertise.

To unlock the value within a business Pricing Power have designed a unique process whereby we work with business owners to :-

  • Create More Value
  • Measure what Matters
  • Capture More Value

Pricing Power was founded by Steve Major. Steve qualified as a Chartered Accountant and then opened his own accounting practice. This practice was built around providing businesses not just tax & accounting services but also helping them great great businesses. The accounting practice was sold to focus purely on helping businesses unlock the real value. After a number of years of speaking and consulting Steve created the unique process within Pricing Power to transform businesses.