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Do you want to get paid more for your services?

Are you speaking in the same tone of voice?




Whilst I personally don’t drink the energy drink Red Bull I love the business of Red Bull.  Apple gets much said and written about it for its huge success (and so much of it is well deserved). However there is so much about Red Bull from a business perspective that is an incredible story.

I know some people have a problem with the energy drink sector. However lets just put that issue aside for the minute.

One of the things that I admire is the consistency of their message. Since founding the business the message has been the same. They have constantly attached themselves to the extreme sports and the sports which have significant risk and excitement attached to them. And then off course there is Felix’s jump from space.

The founder Dietrich Mateschitz in a interview stated that they have always been “speaking in the same tone of voice.”  Everything about the company from the advertising, to the sports, to the ambassadors of the brand, to the shape of the can is consistent. The message is always the same.

The value of this consistency is massive. There is no doubt in the minds of the customers exactly what Red Bull stands for.

Can this be said about your business?

I don’t just mean the marketing message, I mean every aspect of the business. From the marketing message, to what your customers experience when purchasing from you , to the internal operations of the business.

Is it clear what your business stands for?

#21 David Bateson – Creating authority through content



David Bateson from News Business join me to talk about the topic of building your authority in a chosen market.  Much is said about content marketing but in this conversation David brings it down to some key actionable points on how to really make this a reality.  David is originally from Oxford UK who ended up in Brisbane Australia helping businesses to build their authority. Also David is an Italian Car lover which is an interesting story. 

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Give your prices meaning


All Prices are Contextual  When people buy, they  judge the choices in terms of relative advantages, not in absolutes.  Dan Ariely, in his fantastic book he wrote “most people don’t know what they want unless they see it in context”. If you don’t give them options then they will compare your services or products to something […]

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A lesson from a local Espresso Bar

2014-04-30 08.41.02

Not far away from where I live is a great little roaster and expresso bar called Cleanskin HQ.  For anybody in Brisbane I strongly recommend that they drop in for a coffee. However I was in there yesterday (once again) and I saw they had a business card on the counter. Upon reading I was […]

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Value is not a number

Digital Image by Sean LockeDigital Planet

            Much is talked about Value, Price and Worth. We are questions like – what is the value of our services to our prospective clients?, what is the worth of what we sell, what price should we charge for our services or products? But value is not a number.   […]

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To build your authority – double your prices!


Recently John Jantsch wrote an excellent piece for the great Copyblogger site (here is the article) on building long lasting authority. It is an excellent article. One of the five points that John discusses is “Charge what you’re worth”.  As anybody who has read any of my blog posts or listened to my podcast would […]

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